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Log Data in Bridge Control Panel (BCP) using MiniProg3 (UART) for PSoC 3/4/5LP Devices - KBA231530


Log Data in Bridge Control Panel (BCP) using MiniProg3 (UART) for PSoC 3/4/5LP Devices - KBA231530

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Translation - Japanese: PSoC 3/4/5LPデバイス用のMiniProg3(UART)を使用してブリッジコントロールパネル(BCP)にデータを記録する - KBA231530 - Community Translated...

Follow these steps to log data in the Bridge Control Panel (BCP) with the help of the RX8 protocol (UART), using MiniProg3 for PSoC 3/4/5LP devices:

1. Set up a UART interface with the required pins using PSoC Creator. While sending the UART TX data, add the header and footer bytes to enable the BCP to synchronize data correctly.

For example in PSoC 4 devices:

header[2] = {0x0D, 0x0A};

footer[3] = {0x00, 0xFF, 0xFF};

buffer[BUFFER_SIZE] = {0x1, 0x2, 0x3};

UART_SpiUartPutArray(header, 2);

UART_SpiUartPutArray(buffer, BUFFER_SIZE);

UART_SpiUartPutArray(footer, 3);   

2. Connect MiniProg3 to the PC. Connect the following pins between the PSoC board and the MiniProg3 5-pin connector:

a.  XRES pin of the MiniProg3 5-pin connector to the UART TX pin of PSoC.

b.  GND of the MiniProg3 5-pin connector to the GND on the PSoC board. You can either supply power to the PSoC using the VTARG pin of MiniProg3 or leave it unconnected if PSoC has an external power source.

3. Launch Bridge Control Panel from the Start menu. If MiniProg3 is not connected in the GUI, press the Connect button. Then choose RX8 protocol in the GUI or Tools > Protocol Configuration to open the Protocol Configuration window. Select the RX8 tab.

4. Ensure that the baud rate setting in the PSoC and BCP are the same. To set the baud rate in BCP, press [F7]  or choose Tools > ProtocolConfiguration. Navigate to the RX8 (UART) tab and set the bit rate.

5. Open Variable Settings (Chart > Variable Settings) to set up the variables to receive data.

6. Use the following BCP script to receive data.

RX8 [h=0D 0A] @var1 @var2 @var3 [t=00 ff ff]

Note: It is not possible for BCP to send data back to PSoC using the R8 protocol. It can only receive UART data from PSoC.

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