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Learning Embedded C – KBA93302

Learning Embedded C – KBA93302

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Question: How can you get started with learning embedded C programming?



There are several ways to get started with learning Embedded C programming.

Online compilers (for beginners):

For a quick on-line reference, see Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_syntax.

Links for Books and other resources:

C Courses organized by universities:

  •   Many universities, community colleges, and training organizations have live C courses; some even have C/embedded programming classes. For example, Embedded Software Bootcamp from the Barr Group.

Hands on with PSoC® Creator™:

If you want to try an embedded project, you can use one of the example projects available with PSoC Creator. Most of the PSoC Creator Components have an example project to go with them. Follow these steps to try an example project:

  1.   Open PSoC Creator
  2.   Click File > Example Project
  3.   Select the example project from the list to get started, as shown in Figure 1.  

       Figure 1. Find Example Project