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Key benefits of EiceDRIVER™ 1EDN TDI

Key benefits of EiceDRIVER™ 1EDN TDI

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- Control inputs independent from gate driver GND
- Fast Miller plateau transition
- Fast turn-off
- Separate outputs to get rid of gate diode and enable zero gate voltage at turn-off
- Low power dissipation gate driver IC
- Up to 15 MHz switching speed
- No schottky clamping diodes required
- Fast and reliable MOSFET turn-off
- Small and versatile footprint
Some of it's application benefits include -
- Robust design against switching noise and ground shifts
- Low MOSFET switching losses
- Robust against false MOSFET triggering
- Highest effective MOSFET driving power
- Higher conversion efficiency
- Undervoltage protection to prevent MOSFET running in linear mode
- Ultimate power density
- Versatile design and BOM saving