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Is it possible to connect the OUT_SET pin to 2 IN_SET pins?

Is it possible to connect the OUT_SET pin to 2 IN_SET pins?

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In LITIXTM Basic+ family the OUT_SET pin, mirroring the IN_SET current defined by the external resistor RSET, can be used to define the IN_SET current of an additional companion device. In application level the OUT_SET pin defines the output current of additional devices without further external components.

Connecting the OUTSET pin of device 1 to both INSET of device 2 as depicted in the picture below is not possible.


The 2 V
IN_SET(ref) can slightly differ from each other. This could cause mismatch between the currents. To be more detailed, the INSETx pin with the lower impedance will overcome the other INSETx' pin. In this case if IN_SET2 has lower impedance than IN_SET3 is reflected that only LEDs on OUT2 is in regulation (LEDs ON connected to OUT2, LEDs OFF connected to OUT3).

The OUT_SET pin can be connected to only one IN_SET pin, like the configuration below:


In this way, the OUT_SET pin of TLD2131-3EP is connected to IN_SET2 pin of TLD2331-3EP.
The IN_SET3 pin is connected to the resistor RSET3 and both output channels are in regulation.

BOM reduction is achieved, since only 1 resistor on IN_SETx pins of each device is used instead of using 2 or more.