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Information on Industry standard JTAG interfaces on SRAM's.

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Information on Industry standard JTAG interfaces on SRAM's.

Translation - Japanese: SRAMの業界標準のJTAGインターフェースに関する情報 - Community Translated (JA)

Question: What is Cypress position and plans on having or developing "industry Standard" JTAG interfaces on their SRAMs?


The existing JTAG functionality on the Cypress device is the same as the JTAG functionality on all compatible memories from other vendors. Let us address this in two different steps: - Standard SRAMs: - On standard SRAM's the JTAG functionality is the same for all vendors, but the BSDL file could be different depending on the design(Silicon & Package). The difference in the BSDL file is more in terms of the pin numbering and not for anything else. QDR SRAMs:- On the QDR SRAMs, we have struggled over the last couple of months to standardize the functionality and the pin ordering of the JTAG port. Quite recently we have acheived this and the BSDL file from each of the vendor will be the same for the QDR-II. The only difference in the BSDL file is from the device ID, which is supposed to remain different for every device. But users can ignore the device ID and test the device without any problems. We have been able to achieve this on the QDR-II, becuase of the fact that we are a closed consortium of 6 companies. Standard Sync SRAMs are manufactured by multiple vendors and it is very difficult to standardize the BSDL files of varied vendors.

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