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Infineon SPI F-RAM reference schematic – KBA234723

Infineon SPI F-RAM reference schematic – KBA234723

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Community Translation: インフィニオンSPI F-RAM参考回路 – KBA234723


See the following reference schematic diagram for Infineon SPI F-RAM devices using FM25W256.



Best practices:

  1. Perform signal integrity simulations using IBIS models before finalizing the design. IBIS models for Infineon F-RAM devices are available at: https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/memories/f-ram-ferroelectric-ram/#!simulation.
  2. Add series termination resistors on SPI signals based on signal integrity simulations.
  3. Connect pull-up resistors (4.7 kΩ – 10 kΩ) to CS#, WP#, and HOLD# pins.
  4. Leave the DNU pin unconnected.

See AN304 - SPI guide for F-RAM and Page# 50 of Serial F-RAM development kit guide for more information.