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Infineon MemTool batch commands – KBA235676

Infineon MemTool batch commands – KBA235676

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Community Translation: インフィニオンのMemToolバッチコマンド – KBA235676

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Infineon MemTool is a free-of-charge PC/Windows-based software for on-chip flash programming. The software supports all Infineon MCU devices. The software can be downloaded from this link.

According to the capabilities of the on-chip flash device, MemTool can be used to erase, program, verify, and protect selectable flash sections or perform these functions on the complete program and data flash areas.

MemTool provides ready-to-use configuration files for the complete range of Infineon MCU evaluation boards and application kits, and allows PC/Windows USB-to-target connections via direct attached storage (DAS) and UART, Device access port (DAP) and JTAG connections to the target system can be performed together with Infineon miniWiggler.

A limited set of batch commands are available to open Infineon MemTool, connect to the board, and program the device.

Table 1 lists the batch commands available in Infineon MemTool.


Table 1: Batch commands

Note:    Infineon MemTool has a limited set of commands which can be used. For the complete version of the tool, contact the 3rd-party providers of the tool from https://www.pls-mc.com/products/flash-programming-ude-memtool-flash-programmer/.