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Imagecraft C Compiler Activation

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Imagecraft C Compiler Activation

Question: After typing the C compiler license in the license box, the "I Accept" check box gets grayed out thereby disabling the C compiler activation. How to activate the C compiler?



 In some versions of Windows which use a non-English default language, when adding the C compiler license, the check box for accepting the license is not shown in Tools->Options->Compiler. A workaround to this can be accomplished by editing the Windows registry in the following manner:

1. Open ?regedit? through Start-> run
2. Go through the registry tree to My Computer->HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->
Cypress Microsystems->PSoC Designer->AddIn->Compilers->IMAGECRAFT
3. In this folder, add a string value named COMPILER_LICENSE and then enter the compiler key as the Value data (xxxxxxx-xxxxxx)


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