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IPOSIM: Subscription error "Failed submitting your billing information"

IPOSIM: Subscription error "Failed submitting your billing information"

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Please review that the information related to your company included in the form is correct. For invoicing purposes we validate the tax-related information of your company using an official VAT validation tool ( https://evatr.bff-online.de/eVatR/ ), please make sure that the following fields are correct:
• Company name: it should be the complete registered name of the company. For example, do not write Infineon, the correct name is Infineon Technologies AG.
• Company address, city, and postal code: these items should be the same as the registered company address.
• VAT identification number (for member states of the European Union) please make sure the number is complete and in the right format. You can verify your country’s format here.

If all the information is correct, it could be that the official VAT validation tool is temporarily not available. In this case, please try again a few hours later.