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IGBT module, overcurrent, overvoltage protection

IGBT module, overcurrent, overvoltage protection

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Overcurrent protection:
Overcurrent protection for IGBTs by fuses is usually not possible. Protection has to be provided by the driver or the control unit. Severe overcurrent with short duration (short circuit) usually is detected immediately by the driver via Desat-protection or by using a signal from a shunt. Overcurrents that rise more slowly but have a longer duration are detected and terminated by the control unit. In order to achieve this, the control unit uses signals from the current sensors used for control.

Overvoltage protection:
Overvoltage protection for IGBTs is to be provided by proper design and qualification procedures for the application. Single, not repetitive overvoltage events may be suppressed by functions integrated in the driver like Active Clamping. For Active Clamping there is a feedback provided via TVS diodes from collector to the gate or to the driver.