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IDAC 8-bit and 2X mode – KBA236141

IDAC 8-bit and 2X mode – KBA236141

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Community Translation: IDAC 8ビットおよび2Xモード - KBA236141

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IDAC8-bit mode" and "2X mode" for PSoC™ 400S series

  1. The description of the 8-bit IDAC mode for SID315F, SID315G, and SID315H in the PSoC™ 4000S series datasheet  is for the usage of the IDAC Component.

The 8-bit IDAC mode can be achieved by connecting two 7-bit IDAC Components in parallel.

But the 8-bit mode is not available for the IDAC used in CAPSENSE™ in the PSoC™ 4000S series.The CAPSENSE™ IDAC is fixed and cannot be customized for the 8-bit mode.

  1. In addition, compared to the “1X mode”, the “2X mode” indicates two times of the LSB of one IDAC. For PSoC™ 4000S, 37.5nA/bit, 300nA/bit, and 2.4µA/bit are the options for the “1X mode”, while 75nA/bit, 600nA/bit, and 4.8µA/bit are the options for the “2X mode”.