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IBIS/SPICE models for the CY7B923/933

IBIS/SPICE models for the CY7B923/933

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IBIS/SPICE models for the CY7B923/933

Question: Are there IBIS/SPICE models for the CY7B923/933?



There are no IBIS models for these parts, but there are SPICE models. These can be obtained through an NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement), please contact Technical Support.

Points of interest:
Many board designers are not set-up to handle SPICE models. In the past, we have told people that the reason for giving SPICE models was because traditional IBIS models lack accuracy at these signaling speeds, and because they tend to poorly represent differential or balanced signals. While a number of these items have been upgraded in the newer releases of IBIS, all of them have not been fully addresed yet.

HOTLink Transmitter/Receiver (Attached below 38-020170D_V )