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HyperBus Interface in Traveo S6J3200 MCU - KBA225720

HyperBus Interface in Traveo S6J3200 MCU - KBA225720

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Author: kotaroh_86           Version: **

Translation - Japanese: Traveo S6J3200 MCUのハイパーバスインターフェース - KBA225720 - Community Translated (JA)

Question 1: Is it possible to use 1.8-V Hyper ROM/RAM for 333 MB/S access on the HyperBus in Traveo™ S6J3200?
Answer 1: It is not possible because the power supply range for HyperBus (VCC3) on S6J3200 supports only 3.3 V.

Question 2: For the external HyperBus of S6J3200, is it possible to use one common Hyper Flash, in parallel, for executing code and streaming sound and graphics?
Answer 2: It is possible to use common Hyper Flash.  However, it is possible that the code access might be delayed by the read access of graphics data on the block. For read access from the graphics sub system, the image data should be split into smaller blocks to avoid bottleneck for the code access. This should be done especially when using Hyper RAM in parallel with Hyper Flash, as write access has higher priority compared to read access from Hyper Flash.