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How to use sflash_write.tcl script embedded in WICED?

How to use sflash_write.tcl script embedded in WICED?

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This document talks about how to use the waf.sflash_write.tcl script to read, write, erase the external flash that is already supported in WICED. For details about list of supported sflash, you can refer to SFLASH support addition in WICED

Erase sflash:

The procedure sflash_erase defined inside waf.sflash_write.tcl script takes two arguments

proc sflash_erase { PlatBusDebug init4390 }

-PlatbusDebug signifies the host interface between host and the radio card (For 4390x it’s SoC; details can be found in 43xxx_Wi-Fi/WICED/WWD/internal/bus_protocols)

-init4390 signifies the initialization sequence for the host (although parameter name is kind of a misnomer)

Platbus debug for any EVK can be found in the build directory once you have built any snip example which automatically generates the sflash.elf file as a part of WICED buildsystem.


For 4390x based device: Migrate to the SDK installation folder (e.g C:\Users\<user_name>\Documents\WICED-Studio-6.4 \43xxx_Wi-Fi) and launch CMD there.

For 4390x based device, PlatbusDebug translates to CYW943907AEVAL1F-P103-SoC.43909 and init4390 parameter translates to 43909

>tools\OpenOCD\Win32\openocd-all-brcm-libftdi.exe -f tools\OpenOCD\CYW9WCD1EVAL1.cfg -f tools\OpenOCD\BCM4390x.cfg -f apps\waf\sflash_write\sflash_write.tcl -c "sflash_erase CYW943907AEVAL1F-P103-SoC.43909 43909" -c shutdown


For ST Host based device:

The OpenOCD command for ST host based device is modified as below. PlatbusDebug: BCM94343WWCD2-SDIO and init4390: 0

>tools\OpenOCD\Win32\openocd-all-brcm-libftdi.exe -f tools\OpenOCD\CYW9WCD1EVAL1.cfg -f tools\OpenOCD\stm32f4x.cfg -f apps\waf\sflash_write\sflash_write.tcl -c "sflash_erase BCM94343WWCD2-SDIO 0" -c shutdown


For P6 Host based device:

The OpenOCD command for erasing the ext flash of P6 Host based platforms is mentioned below. PlatbusDebug: CYW943012P6EVB_01-SDIO and init4390: 6

>tools\OpenOCD\Win32\openocd-all-brcm-libftdi.exe -s tools\OpenOCD\scripts -f tools\OpenOCD\cmsis-dap.cfg -f tools\OpenOCD\psoc62.cfg -f apps\waf\sflash_write\sflash_write.tcl -c "sflash_erase CYW943012P6EVB_01-SDIO 6" -c shutdown


On successful completion of the erase operation, user should be able to see the following message in cmd

****************** Result: OK

Chip Erase Done (in 25097 ms)

Read sflash :

proc sflash_read_file { filename srcAddress PlatBusDebug length init4390 }

- filename: output filename for binary image file (.bin format)

- srcAddress: The serial flash starting address to be read from

- length: Number of bytes to be read

To check the successful erase operation, sflash_write.tcl script can be used to read a section of the external flash.

For 4390x based device:

tools\OpenOCD\Win32\openocd-all-brcm-libftdi.exe -f tools\OpenOCD\CYW9WCD1EVAL1.cfg -f tools\OpenOCD\BCM4390x.cfg -f apps\waf\sflash_write\sflash_write.tcl -c "sflash_read_file contents.bin 2097152 CYW943907AEVAL1F-P103-SoC.43909 512 43909" -c shutdown


The above command reads the content of 512 bytes starting from 2097152 (in decimal).

For ST Host based device:

>tools\OpenOCD\Win32\openocd-all-brcm-libftdi.exe -f tools\OpenOCD\CYW9WCD1EVAL1.cfg -f tools\OpenOCD\stm32f4x.cfg -f apps\waf\sflash_write\sflash_write.tcl -c "sflash_read_file contents.bin 0 BCM94343WWCD2-SDIO 512 0" -c shutdown

For P6 Host based device:

>tools\OpenOCD\Win32\openocd-all-brcm-libftdi.exe -s tools\OpenOCD\scripts -f tools\OpenOCD\cmsis-dap.cfg -f tools\OpenOCD\psoc62.cfg -f apps\waf\sflash_write\sflash_write.tcl -c "sflash_read_file contents.bin 0 CYW943012P6EVB_01-SDIO 512 6" -c shutdown

For Write operation, user can use the VERBOSE=1 in Make Target and check the usage of sflash_write_file API in CDT log to manually perform the external flash write operation.