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How to upgrade CYW20822 module firmware with OTA

How to upgrade CYW20822 module firmware with OTA

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  1. Download and install the latest InfineonAndroidDevTools from CYW920822M2P4TAI040-EVK Resources
  2. Put the firmware file (.ezf file) into your Android device.
  3. Open InfineonAndroidDevTools, scan and connect to the device.  Then in the OTA page user can click on OPEN FILE to open the system’s file browser to select the file from the storage path as shown in  Figure 1 – Select file in OTA page.



Figure 1 - Select file in OTA page

  1. Clicking START OTA will trigger the upgrade process automatically run through. Progress will be shown on the bottom. The detailed task progress is for the is for the developer to observe the state for the OTA procedure.
  2. Once the upgrade process is completed, “Firmware Updated Successfully” message will pop-up, FW version on the screen will reflect if for different image load, then the app will request the FW to reboot in normal mode and get disconnected as shown in Figure 2 – Firmware Updated Successfully.



Figure 2 - Firmware Updated Successfully