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How to set country code in WICED APP?

How to set country code in WICED APP?

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Different countries has different WiFi regulations and it is user responsibility to meet those, if operating in a particular country. Setting Country code parameter in WICED STUDIO will help us to meet those regulatory standards.

By default in WICED the country code is set to "WICED_COUNTRY_UNITED_STATES". Please refer to the following file in WICED

>> C:\..\..\..\WICED-Studio-5.0\43xxx_Wi-Fi\include\wiced_defaults.h


/*Country code */



If user want to change the country code as per his/her region change the above macro. Refer to the following file for getting different country code which are available in WICED STUDIO

>> C:\..\..\..\WICED-Studio-5.0\43xxx_Wi-Fi\WICED\WWD\include\wwd_constants.


If you have more questions or queries related to this contact us by the following link

>> http://www.cypress.com/support