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How to Monitor MBR3 CapSense Signal Through I2C – KBA225809

How to Monitor MBR3 CapSense Signal Through I2C – KBA225809

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Author: RyanZ_36          Version: **

Translation - Japanese: I2Cを介してMBR3 CapSense信号を監視する方法– KBA225809- Community Translated (JA)


How can I monitor MBR3 CapSense® raw count, baseline, and diff count?


Unlike with CapSense in PSoC® 4, firmware of MBR3 devices and its I2C register map are fixed. In this case, if you want to read the MBR3 CapSense raw count, baseline, and diff count, you should know how to operate MBR3 registers. MBR3 registers details are documented in MBR3 registers map.

To read MBR3 CapSense raw count, baseline and diff count, use the following registers:

Register Name

Register Address

Register description



Read and write. The ID of the sensor for which to report the sensor debug data.

Valid values of this register depend on the number of sensors in the part; valid values for a part are 0 to (number of sensors - 1). Sensor ID is the sensor index ID described in the MBR3 datasheet. For example, Sensor ID of CS0 is 0, Sensor ID of CS9 is 9.



Read only. This register takes its value from the SENSOR_ID register.



Debug difference count for the sensor specified in SENSOR_ID.



Debug baseline count for the sensor specified in SENSOR_ID.



Debug raw count for the sensor specified in SENSOR_ID.



Average filtered raw count of the debug proximity sensor with the advanced low-pass filter applied for the sensor specified in SENSOR_ID. If the advanced low-pass filter is disabled or the sensor number in SENSOR_ID corresponds to any sensor other than a proximity sensor or a disabled sensor, this value is undefined.

Take Bridge Control Panel as I2C master as an example. To read MBR3 CS6 (should have been enabled) raw count, diff count, and baseline, the command line can be:

“W 37 82 06 P ;Specify Sensor ID

“W 37 DC P ;Specify the register start to read

“R 37 DC X X X X X X X X P ; Read debug sensor ID, diff count, baseline and raw count

Where “W” “R” or “P” is write, read or stop command, “37” is MBR3 I2C slave address, “82” is SENSOR_ID register address in hex, “06” is Sensor ID of CS6, “DC” is the DEBUG_SENSOR_ID register address. “X X X X X X X X” is the byte number to read.

Visit community.cypress.com or contact Cypress tech support for more details.


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