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High Z parameters for some SRAM's clarifications

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High Z parameters for some SRAM's clarifications

Translation - Japanese: 特定のSRAMのHigh-Zパラメータについて- Community Translated (JA)

Question: tHZWE for some speed grades -15, -20, -25 is specified less than tLZWE. Is this correct?


Yes, this is correct. Note #7 on the datasheet, which states that tHZWE is less than tLZWE at any given temperature and voltage range. On some of our Fast Asynchronous datasheets, the value for tLZWE is less than that of tHZWE, but tLZWE is always specified as a min, while tHZWE is specified as a max. Over the course of normal operation, tHZWE should be less than that of tLZWE.

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