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Handle MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 gate driver from unexpected reset or power down

Handle MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 gate driver from unexpected reset or power down

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Infineon’s MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 is a smart gate driver IC. It is very flexible and smart for custom setting of the driving characteristics. But user may worry how to maintain its custom setting and prevent from system damage under conditions such as when MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 is unexpectedly reset or power supply is removed from the device.

This article provides 2 solutions that also explains why MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 itself can handle unexpected reset or power down properly:

  1. MOTIX™ 6EDL7141’s integrated OTP.
  2. An additional solution to enhance the system robustness by utilizing MOTIX™ 6EDL7141’s writable USER_ID register field.

Solution 1: Burn MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 OTP

There are several ways to burn MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 OTP, user can choose from them according to the following using scenarios.

Scenario 1: EVAL board from Infineon is being used, such as EVAL_6EDL7141_TRAP_1SH, EVAL_6EDL7141_FOC_3SH, etc.

In this scenario, you can create new project specific to your board in BPA Motor Control GUI. Check the parameters are the expected configuration, then click “Burn MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 OTP” button.


Scenario 2: A custom board is being used.

The requirements for the board are listed here for reference:

  1. PVDD > 13V
  2. Inductance and capacitor are available for buck regulator of MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 to work.
  3. DVDD is generated from buck regulator. SPI communication is possible.
  4. SPI interface pins are available for access.

In this scenario, we can use 6EDL7141_SPI_LINK and connect it to the SPI interface on the custom board to burn MOTIX™ 6EDL7141. Note that 6EDL7141_SPI_LINK is a board made by Infineon, one interface of it is USB and the other is SPI connector.

Create a new project of “6EDL7141 Stand-alone” in BPA Motor Control GUI.


Check the communication between GUI and MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 is ok by clicking “Select COM Port”. Set parameters and confirm they are the expected configuration, then click “Burn 6EDL7141 OTP” button.


Scenario 3: Standalone MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 chip for mass programming.

In this scenario, there are only standalone MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 chips without any board.

A third-party programmer can be used to burn MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 chips’ OTP directly. One available option is SuperPro 7500N or SuperPro7504 from XELTEK. Check their official website: https://www.xeltek.com/

Solution 2: Firmware measure to enhance robustness

An Additional firmware measure can be adopted for enhancing the robustness.

Example steps are provided as below.

  1. After control MCU powers up, write a preset value other than the default value of zero into the USER_ID bitfield of OTP_PROG register. For example, write 0xF into USER_ID.
  2. Polling the USER_ID bitfield in the control MCU firmware code execution. If the value of this bitfield is changed from the preset value (0xF in this example), it can be considered as an unexpected reset. This condition can then be judged by firmware as a fault and related protection measures can be taken.


Thanks to the OTP and the writable field of USER_ID, MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 can handle reset or unexpected power down properly.

Bear in mind that OTP can only be programmed once, it’s suggested to confirm the final parameters before burning it.

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Great article!


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It is a very useful article. All the scenarios are explained.  We can burn MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 chips’ OTP directly without any eval board or custom board for mass market is explained. We can burn MOTIX™ 6EDL7141 chips’ OTP by using custom board (6EDL7141_SPI_LINK) is explained.