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Graphical Programming CYBT-213043 with Atmosphere IoT?

Graphical Programming CYBT-213043 with Atmosphere IoT?

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I have bunch of these CYBT-213043-MESH boards which I usually program with ModusToolBox. Although these board are primarily intended for Bluetooth Mesh applications (with ModusToolbox), I wanted to see if I can use these for BLE based sensing with Atmosphere IoT. This platform enables all in one firmware, mobile app and cloud dashboard development.

Voila, these unofficial boards (not officially supported yet by Atmosphere IoT) are programmable as officially supported board CYW920819evb-02, since both of these have the same/similar silicon https://testmyspeed.onl/ https://essaywriter.fun/ BLE chip onboard ! Also Atmosphere IoT and Cypress Semi are business buddies !

What worked so far :

Programming, BLE App, Cloud Monitoring Works (same as CYW920819evb-02,)

Onboard RGB LED’s Green & Blue LEDs Work (WICED_P03 & WICED_P04 as GPIO)

Breakout pins WICED_P12 and WICED_P13 works as ADC

What does not work so far :
RED LED and User Switch on pin WICED_P06 and WICED_P26 does not work
On Board Ambient Light Sensor on I2C pins does not work
On Board Thermistor Temperature sensor does not work, but I rerouted the thermistor
and connected to WICED_P12 and WICED_P13, and it worked (see schematic Below)

This is how the custom app looks like: (ya, I grabbed few pictures from here and there to fill the app background)

If you don’t want to destroy traces on the board, you can use generic 10k thermistor instead, which gives reading with in +/- 0.5 C of NCP15XV103