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Getting an Internal Inconsistency Check Error - KBA92909

Getting an Internal Inconsistency Check Error - KBA92909

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Translation - Japanese:  内部不整合性チェックエラーの取得 - KBA92909 - Community Translated (JA)

Question: How do you avoid the following build error?


!E file lister manager: internal inconsistency check error - requested XXX-XXX max lines: YYY.
Possibly the file '.\<name>.asm' is formatted not using Windows line end characters (CR LF).
If that's case, please reformat the file using Windows line end characters.
If the problem persists, please report to support@imagecraft.com. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This build error is caused by the ImageCraft™ compiler program that generates the listing file after the .hex file is generated. When you get this error, the .hex file has been generated correctly, but the listing file is incorrect. This issue appears only if a macro is defined in one assembly file (for example, an .inc file) and is called in another assembly file (<name>.asm). Also, the macro definition starts at a line with a number greater than the number of lines in the calling file (<name>.asm).

To avoid this build error, the macro declaration should be moved from the .inc file to the calling file (<name>.asm).