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Frequently Asked Questions on PAG1 – KBA227975

Frequently Asked Questions on PAG1 – KBA227975

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Translation - Japanese: PAG1に関するよくある質問 – KBA227975 - Community Translated (JA)

Question: What is the real advantage of a programmable Synchronous Rectifier (SR) in terms of efficiency or performance?

Answer: A programmable SR eliminates cross-conduction in Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) and Quasi-Resonant Mode (QRM) using the configuration option, thereby improving efficiency and reliability. The SR doubler option increases the range of SR mosfets (VT) that can be used with the controller.

Question: How does PAG1P and PAG1S designs help in reducing no-load power consumption?

Answer: PAG1S implements low power modes such as Sleep and Deep Sleep to reduce power consumption. PAG1P supports Keep Alive feature, which accepts a heartbeat signal from PAG1S to switch the primary FET with a long interval, as possible, to minimize the power being transferred to the secondary in standby. PAG1P has an integrated active startup circuit with high voltage input. In addition to enabling faster system turn-on, this circuit provides better standby power for PAG1S+P system. Furthermore, VBUS_IN is modulated in unattached state to reduce power dissipated in parasitics and power consumed by the secondary controller.