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Finding the Silicon Revision ID of PSoC® 3 Devices - KBA97755

Finding the Silicon Revision ID of PSoC® 3 Devices - KBA97755

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Where do I determine the Silicon Revision ID for PSoC® 3 devices?


You can find Silicon Revision ID in memory at the address 0x46EC. Follow these steps to view the silicon revision:

Step 1 – Connect PSoC 3 to Computer via USB or MiniProg3

The PSoC 3 device should be connected to the computer using MiniProg3 if using a CY8CKIT-001 development kit. If a CYKIT-030 development kit is being used, the USB programming port may also be used to connect the PSoC 3 device to the computer.

Step 2 – Open PSoC Creator.

Step 3 – Debug Any PSoC 3 Project

Click the Debug button in PSoC Creator, as highlighted in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Debug Button


Step 4 – Open Memory Window

Click Debug > Windows > Memory > 1.

Figure 2. Memory Window


Step 5 – View Address 0x46EC

Address 0x46EC contains the silicon revision ID. This memory address can be viewed in the debugger by entering 0x46EC into the memory window’s address field and pressing enter. A value of 0x04 indicates tapeout 5E, while a value of 0x03 indicates tapeout 5.

Figure 3. Silicon Revision ID