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F2MC-16LX How to master the enhancing intelligent IO (simple DMA function)

F2MC-16LX How to master the enhancing intelligent IO (simple DMA function)

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Start peripheral (A/D and etc.) at specified times by using EI2OS, and store the data.

F2MC-16LX family has expanded intelligent I/O service.

This function is started specified peripheral at set times in advance by triggering interrupt factor of peripheral, and the data is stored efficiently to memory. (or the data is set to peripheral.)

Data transfer function

Peripheral function - Memory



Expanded Intelligent I/O Service (EI2OS)


When data transfer request between peripheral resource circuit and RAM, the data is transferred after stopping automatically program during executing at now. This function is a kind of DMA function.


Minimum transfer speed (2µs/16MHz)


µDMA (MB90470series)


This function is a kind of DMA function, which has same function as Expanded Intelligent I/O Service.


Minimum transfer speed (1.07µs/16MHz)

Transfer between Memory



MOVS instruction (2 bytes)


This instruction is to transfer data for specified times by RW0 from address of AL to address of AH.


Byte transfer: MOVS
     Word transfer: MOVSW

Example) In case of CH0 to 7 of A/D converter is converted continuously and the data of 8ch is stored automatically to memory and after that interrupt transaction of A/D is operated, best control is possible by using expanded intelligent I/O (EI2OS).

EI2OS Extended Intelligent I/O Service

When a data transmission request occurs between peripheral block and RAM, MCU automatically stops the current job, and transmits the data. Simple DMA

Data transmission automatically stops, when data unnecessary condition occurs on peripheral source circuit.
Can set the memory address, I/O register address increment
Data counter is 64K max


And best control for products with µDMA function is possible by using µDMA function but not EI2OS.