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Extracting Keil Software Pack to Custom Location - KBA229120

Extracting Keil Software Pack to Custom Location - KBA229120

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Author: DheerajK_81           Version: **

Translation - Japanese: カスタムのディレクトリへのKeilソフトウェアパックの抽出 - KBA229120 - Community Translated (JA)

When a PSoC® Creator project is exported to Keil µVision IDE, the generated CMSIS-PACK is located in the <project_name.cydsn>/Export/Pack folder.

Based on the Vendor, Pack, and Version provided during the export process, you will find the software pack <vendor_name.pack_name.pack_version>.pack present in the Pack directory.

For example, if you name the vendor, pack name, and pack version as “cypress”, “blinky” and “1.0.0” respectively, then the software pack cypress.blinky.1.0.0.pack will be generated as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Software Pack Generation

pastedImage_9.png pastedImage_10.png

To install the software pack, double-click on the pack file. You will notice that the Pack Installer only allows the pack to be installed to a particular location as shown in Figure 2 and there is no option to change it.

Figure 2. Pack Installer


By default, the software pack is installed in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Arm\Packs\. This default location is used by Keil µVision to load the software packs during the project creation process. This becomes inconvenient when the path is not accessible due to insufficient privileges or if the packs need to be installed at a custom location.

Therefore, the flexibility to install the software pack at a custom location becomes necessary. To do so, use the PackInstall.bat script in the Pack directory.

This script extracts a CMSIS-Pack file to the specified destination folder. The syntax for usage is as follows:

>> PackInstall.bat <pack file>.pack [destFolder] [/force]


/force option creates or overwrites existing files in the destination folder.

For example, do the following to extract cypress.blinky.1.0.0.pack to the destination folder C:/Users/<user>/Documents:

1. Open the command prompt in the path <project_name.cydsn>/Export/Pack/.

2. Run the following command:

>> PackInstall.bat cypress.blinky.1.0.0.pack “C:/Users/<user>/Documents” /force

Figure 3. Pack Installer Command Line OptionsFigure 4. Warning Message


You will receive a warning message as shown in Figure 4. Click OK.

Figure 4. Warning Message


A warning saying “The system cannot find the file unzip” will be displayed on the console. The pack installer uses the Unzip utility internally to extract the contents of the pack. If you have added the path to the Unzip utility in the PATH variable in Environment Variables, you can avoid this warning. Even if you don’t have this, the command will execute successfully.

3. You will notice the pack generated in the destination directory as shown in Figure 5, but in a zipped format.

Figure 5. Pack in Custom Directory


Unzip this file to obtain the contents of the software pack.

Do the following to use this software pack:

1. Open Keil µVision and click on the Pack Installer icon.

2. In the Pack Installer window, navigate to File > Import from Folder..” and point to the pack directory which contains the .pdsc file as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6. µVision Pack Installer



3. In this example, point to the path <CustomDir>/cypress/blinky/1.0.0/ which contains the software pack. Click Select Folder.

Figure 7. Select Pack Directory


The device will be loaded as shown in Figure 8.

4. Select the device and create your project successfully.

Figure 8. Selecting the device