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Enable PD in Two Downstream ports of EZ-USB™ HX3PD - KBA235378

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Enable PD in Two Downstream ports of EZ-USB™ HX3PD - KBA235378

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Community Translation: EZ-USB™ HX3PD の 2 つのダウンストリーム ポートで PD を有効にする - KBA235378

Version: **

 1.     Hardware modifications

To enable the PD on DS2 instead of US port do the required hardware modifications from the CY6611 EVK Design. By default, Port-0 of the HX3PD PD controller is connected to the US port of EZ-USB™ HX3PD, and Port-1 is connected to DS1 of EZ-USB™ HX3PD. Port-0 of the EZ-USB™ HX3PD PD controller is connected to DS2 instead of US in this modification, and Port-1 is left unchanged.

  1. Connect CC1_P0 and CC2_P0 to the DS2 Type-C connector as shown in Figure 1.
BinduPriya_G_4-1659949774805.pngFigure 1   EZ-USB™ HX3PD downstream CC connections

  1. Connect PWREN_P2 to VCONN_MON_P0 as shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4 and pull-up to 3V3 as shown in Figure 2 (as handled in DS1).


Figure 2     EZ-USB™ HX3PD DS PWREN pull-up connections

  1. Connect OCP_DET_P0 to the OVCUR_P2 pin, as shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4.


Figure 3   EZ-USB™ HX3PD DS2 OVRCUR and PWREN connections
  1. Connect VBUS_MON_P0 to VBUS of DS2 with RC circuit as shown in Figure 4 (as handled in DS1).
  2. VBUS pin (upstream VBUS input) can be controlled by an external microcontroller GPIO or based on the VBUS detection from the upstream port.
  3. Connect VBUS_P_CTRL_P0 and VBUS_DISCHARGE_P0 to the PD circuitry of DS2 (as handled in DS1).


Figure 4   EZ-USB™ HX3PD PD Port-0 connections

  1. Connect the first pair of upstream super-speed lines to the upstream port connector and the second pair of upstream super-speed lines is NC (No Connection), when DS2 is enabled for PD as shown in Figure 5.
  2. Upstream port can be a Type-B port or a Type-C plug. If you want to use a Type-C receptacle, external CC detection is needed (by either a USB super-speed Mux or any other Microcontroller) and the corresponding super-speed lines from the Type-C receptacle should be connected to the first pair of upstream super-speed lines of EZ-USB™ HX3PD.
BinduPriya_G_0-1659949298560.pngFigure 5     EZ-USB™ HX3PD US Port SS lines connections

2 Firmware modifications

The latest HX3PD firmware (v2.0.0) is modified to support PD on DS2 of EZ-USB™ HX3PD instead of the upstream port and the firmware binaries are attached to this KBA. You can use the HX3PD configuration utility to change the DMC and PD controller configurations.

According to CY6611 EVK, VBUS_P_CTRL FET is set to Active High. To modify this configuration in firmware, contact Infineon support.