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EZ-USB™ CX3: Interfacing with the onsemi AP1302 ISP and AR1335 image sensor - KBA237926

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EZ-USB™ CX3: Interfacing with the onsemi AP1302 ISP and AR1335 image sensor - KBA237926

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Infineon’s EZ-USB™ CX3 USB bridge controller can connect devices with the Mobile Industry Processor Interface – Camera Serial Interface 2 (MIPI CSI-2) to any USB 3.2 Gen 1 host. For more details, check the CX3 datasheet.  This knowledge base article explains how the CX3 Denebola Kit can be interfaced with the onsemi AP1302 ISP and AR1335 sensors over the MIPI CSI-2 interface.

Hardware prerequisites

EZ-USB™ CX3 Denebola Kit.jpg


AR1335 DEMO3 headboard.jpg

AP1302 ISP demo board.jpg


Hardware setup

Do the following modifications to the AP1302 and AR13dei35 boards.

On AP1302 board:

  • P3 jumper connected to 2-3: Select onboard oscillator as the ISP’s input clock.
  • P6 and P5 jumper connected to 1-2: Primary Master I2C of AP1302 is configured as the I2C interface to the sensor.
  • P1 jumper connected to 2-3: AP1302 is configured to source 5 V from CX3.

Note: For more details on the jumper settings, see the AP1302 EVAL Board user's manual.

On AR1335:

  • P22 jumpers are connected between 1-3: Select onboard oscillator the as sensor’s input clock.

Block diagram

Block Diagram1.pngBlock Diagram2.png.jpg

Software prerequisites

Firmware details

The firmware attached with this KBA supports the following video resolutions and formats:

  • UYVY: 4K @15 fps, 1080p @30 fps, 720p @t 30 fps.
  • RGB565: 1080p @30 fps, 720p @30 fps.

Programming CX3 Denebola kit

  1. On the EZ-USB™ CX3 Denebola kit, set the PMODE lines (SW 5) to USB Boot mode position as shown in Figure 1.

Boot switch position for USB boot.jpg

 Figure1 Boot switch position for USB boot

  1. Open the USB Control Center application from the Start menu.

The board should appear as “Cypress USB Bootloader Device” in the left pane of the USB Control Center application, as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2 Device enumeration in USB Control Center application

  1. Download the AP1302_AR1335_CX3.img file into FLASH/RAM/EEPROM of the kit. Select Program > FX3 > SPI LASH/RAM/I2C EEPROM as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Programming the EZ-USB X3™

  1. After loading the firmware image to EEPROM/flash, set the switch PMODE Lines (SW 5) to the appropriate boot mode and power cycle of the board as shown in Figure 4.


I2C EEPROM boot.jpg


SPI FLASH boot.jpg

 Figure 4 Boot switch position for I2C EEPROM boot and SPI Flash boot



Figure 5 “CX3-UVC” enumerating in Device Manager

Any standard USB Video Class (UVC) host application can be used to view the video stream by selecting the “CX3-UVC” camera.

Infineon_Team_0-1688538456133.pngFigure 6 4K @15 fps UYVY video output with Windows Camera