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EZ-PD™: CCG6 reverse current protection on VBUS consumer path - KBA236107

EZ-PD™: CCG6 reverse current protection on VBUS consumer path - KBA236107

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EZ-PD™ CCG6 does not support RCP on the VBUS consumer path but it supports RCP on the VBUS provider path using an external current sense resistor.

EZ-PD™ CCG6 has an integrated PFET gate driver to drive external PFETs on the VBUS consumer path. The gate driver can drive only low or high-Z, thus requiring an external pull-up.

RCP feature of EZ-PD™ CCG6 using external current sense resistor: 

The EZ-PD™ CCG6 supports a programmable threshold VBUS current sensing through VBUS provider path. External 5 mW resistor is placed in the VBUS provider path and the drop across this resistor is monitored to sense the magnitude of current. EZ-PD™ CCG6 integrates the RCP circuit that has the capability of sensing reverse current that last for more than 10 µs and protects the system by shutting down the gate automatically. EZ-PD™ CCG6 provides RCP circuit that can detect reverse current flow from the USB Type-C connector VBUS_C to provider VBUS_P. The RCP event is recognized whenever VBUS_C is greater than VBUS_P, while the provider FET is ON, causing the current to flow from connector VBUS to provider VBUS. After recognizing the RCP event, the provider FET is shut down, thus isolating the provider and connector VBUS. EZ-PD™ CCG6 has three distinct mechanisms to detect the reverse current. For more details see CYPD6127 datasheet.


Figure 1     CCG6 Block diagram and application circuit showing RCP in provider path