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Drive mode of CAPSENSE™ sensor pins - KBA236427

Drive mode of CAPSENSE™ sensor pins - KBA236427

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Community Translation:CAPSENSE™センサーピンのドライブモード - KBA236427

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CAPSENSE™ sensor pins are connected directly to the internal analog MUXes and CAPSENSE™ block. Set the drive mode of the I/O pins correctly to ensure that the CAPSENSE™ input signal is sampled with the correct analog front circuit.

The drive mode of CAPSENSE™ sensor pins should be High-Impedance Analog and input buffer should be disabled. This can be done with the GPIO_PRTx_PC and GPIO_PRTx_PC2 registers.

Note: The High-Impedance Analog drive mode does not mean the input impedance of the CAPSENSE™ sensor is high impedance. The input impedance from the pin pad to CAPSENSE™ block is several hundred ohms.