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Does Cypress use PFOA or PFOS compounds? - KBA203669

Does Cypress use PFOA or PFOS compounds? - KBA203669

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Translation - Japanese: CypressはPFOSやPFOS化合物を使用していますか? - KBA203669 - Community Translated (JA)


Does Cypress use PFOA or PFOS compounds?


These compounds play important roles in the photo resists and anti-reflective coatings used in the semiconductor industry for manufacture of integrated circuit die. At this time, regulatory exemptions will allow us to continue using these materials in critical applications until technically viable alternatives are available. Cypress recognizes the potential environmental and human health impacts associated with this category of chemicals, and is actively working with our suppliers to identify PFOS- and PFOA-free alternatives. In the interim, Cypress is actively minimizing the use of these materials in its worldwide operations, and is working with trade associations to eliminate or reduce their impact to the environment.