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Discussion Format Template

Discussion Format Template

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To better serve you and allow multiple resources to work on your case we have a suggested Template to follow with all Bug reports, questions, Issues, etc.


Please feel free to add any and all details, cut, paste, edit old posts so you don't have to re-enter everything every time.

As a friendly reminder, we may point you to this blog to remind you from time to time.

We certainly don't want to discourage input, but this will help us support you faster, and allow better collaboration between all parties.

Also please do not combine multiple issues into one discussion, and if one issue spawns a secondary issue, please start a new discussion.

Don't be shy, we can edit and delete anything we need to.


Summary Issue or question:

    Feel free to elaborate on the issue, steps to reproduce, environment, workarounds already tried, etc.

Example code to recreate the bug


SDK version


HW Platform (if it is a peripheral or MCU issue)


Development environment (usually agnostic, but needed if you have an installer or toolchain issue)


Log/console output (if needed)


Sniffer trace (if needed) as an attachment.