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Difference between 5th Gen CapSense and Legacy CapSense

Difference between 5th Gen CapSense and Legacy CapSense

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  • The latest CapSense technology which is embedded from PSoC4100S-Max is called Multi Sense Converter (MSC). MSC uses ratio metric converter (differential sensing topology) which targets not only capacitance sensing but also different type of sensing like resistance, inductance and so on. MSC is a different architecture from CSD. Therefore, MSC cannot be used with PSoC device which supports CSD, and vice versa.
  • The improved sensing method and sophisticated architecture enhances capacitance sensing performance a lot. Below table highlights the improvement point from legacy CapSense method CSD (CapSense Sigma Delta).

Table.1 Comparison between CSD and MSC

  • The technical details can be found from AN85951 PSoC™ 4 and PSoC™ 6 MCU CAPSENSE™ design guide.