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Debug and Program Traveo II MCU with J-Link - KBA228450


Debug and Program Traveo II MCU with J-Link - KBA228450

Japanese version: Traveo II MCU を J-Link でデバッグ、プログラムをする方法 - KBA22845... - Cypress Developer Community

Author: HongyanW_86            Version: **

The J-Link driver V6.48a or later version has added support for Traveo II devices. With the updated J-Link driver, Traveo II programming in J-Flash and debugging in IAR Embedded Workbench or Ozone J-Link debugger software work as expected for both CM0+ and CM4 core.

1. Debug Traveo II in IAR Embedded Workbench

  1. Download J-Link software V6.48a or later version from Segger website:
  2. Install JLink_Windows_Vxxx.exe on your PC and update the JLink driver (JLinkARM.dll) in IAR Embedded Workbench IDE.
  3. Delete old cm0plus_Debug.jlink at tools\iar\flash\cm0plus_sc\settings and cm4_Debug.jlink at \tools\iar\flash\cm4_sc\settings if they are present in your IAR project folder.
  4. Open CM0+ and CM4 IAR project separately in two IAR Embedded Workbench windows and configure J-Link as the debugger in IAR Embedded Workbench Project > Options



  5. Click Download and Debug. Select the Traveo II device as the target when prompted in the J-Link window.
  6. Download and debug the CM0+ project first. Stop debugging CM0+ project and then start CM4 project debugging.



    Currently there is an issue in IAR Embedded Workbench if you try to debug both CM0+ and CM4 projects at the same time.
    Optionally, you can use Ozone J-Link debugger software from Segger to do multi-core debugging.

2. Multi-core debug Traveo II in Ozone

  1. Download latest version of Ozone software from Segger website:
  2. Install Ozone software at local disk.
  3. Create Traveo II CM0+ and CM4 debug projects respectively in Ozone.
    Note that cm0plus.out or cm4.out file generated in IAR Embedded Workbench can be configured as the Program File when creating an Ozone debug project. Therefore, the CM0+ and CM4 IAR projects need to be configured and built before running Ozone.

  4. Start CM0+ project debugging first and then CM4 project in Ozone.



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