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Customizing a Component using PSoC Creator - KBA229139

Customizing a Component using PSoC Creator - KBA229139

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Author: EktaN_26           Version: **

Translation - Japanese: PSoC Creatorを使用したコンポーネントのカスタマイズ - KBA229139 - Community Translated (JA)

How can I customize a component in PSoC Creator™?

To customize a component in PSoC Creator, follow these steps:

1. Right-click on the project in the workspace and click on Build Settings.

2. Under the Customizer node in the Build Settings dialog box, add the following line in the Command Line Options field: "/reference:System.Design.dll", and then click OK (see Figure 1).


Figure 1: Build Settings

3. In the Workspace Explorer, click the Components tab. Right-click on the Project name and click Import Component…

4. Inside the Import Component dialogue box, choose the project or the library from where you want to import the component using the drop-down menu and then choose the Source component. For example, the PWM component has been chosen from the CyComponentLibrary as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Import Component Dialogue Box

5. The imported component will now be visible in the Workspace Explorer as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3: Imported Component Visible Under the Components Tab

6. Open the ‘.cysm’ file of the component by double-clicking on it (PWM_v3_30.cysm in this example). This will open the component symbol file. Here, you can add a small piece of text to the component so that you can differentiate the customized version of the component from the existing ones. (for example, we can add the word ‘CUSTOM’ to the name of the component as shown in Figure 4).


Figure 4: Adding CUSTOM Text to the Component Name

7. Now, make the desired modifications in the component files under the Components tab and save the changes made.


Figure 5: Modifying the Component Source Files

8. Notice that if the version of the imported component was already present as a part of PSoC Creator, then the Cypress Component Catalogue will show the component with a yellow highlight indicating that multiple copies of the component exist in the project. Use the component in your project and build the project.


Figure 6: Using Customized Component in the Project

Since the component is an imported component, PSoC Creator will not regenerate the source files of the component each time you build the project and changes you made will remain unaffected.