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Contribute Projects for a Chance to Win Free Dev Kits!

Contribute Projects for a Chance to Win Free Dev Kits!

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Have an IoT project to share? Want free Cypress Development Kits?

The IoT Developer Zone provides an opportunity for any Cypress Developer Community member to get free dev kits for contributing projects. We'll be sending 1 dev kit every month to the best projects submitted. Read below to find out more!

Here is what you need to do:

1. Make sure you are a member and have an account for the Cypress Developer Community

2. Navigate to the IoT Developer Zone here

3. Create a project "Blog Post" in the IoT Developer Zone


4. Submit your project with the following elements. Make sure your project uses the ModusToolbox Software Environment to be eligible. The most complete projects will be more favored to win!

  • Project Documentation - Show us step by step how you built your project using hi-res images, screenshots, video, etc.
  • BOM - list all of your hardware AND software components, apps and tools used
  • Code - well structured, commented code posted in a GitHub repo is
  • Resources - any Cypress resources (code examples, app notes, etc.) used to help build your project

Thanks and looking forward to your innovative, creative, and connected projects!