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Component Locking Feature Using the Analog Device Editor in PSoC® Creator™ – KBA85474

Component Locking Feature Using the Analog Device Editor in PSoC® Creator™ – KBA85474

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Question: How do you lock down a component using the Analog Device Editor in PSoC® Creator™?



There are two methods by which this can be achieved.

Method 1: Use the placement force directives under the Directives tab of the .cydwr file of the project.

Example: Forcing a SAR ADC component on Top Design to a particular location in the fitter (i.e., a way of telling the routing tool which of the available two fixed function SAR ADCs to select for this component). The following design schematic has two SAR ADCs: ADC1 and ADC2, which should be locked down to SAR0 and SAR1 respectively.

Figure 1. Design Schematic

Design Schematic

Figure 2. The .cydwr Settings under the Directives Tab

Directives Tab

Method 2: Use the lock down and relocate feature of the Analog Device Editor. This is limited to locking down only analog components, signals, and nets.

For the same example and Top Design as the above method, do the following.

  1.   Go to the Analog tab under the .cydwr file of the project.
  2.   For relocating the current selection of component using the fitter tool: Right-click the component, select Relocate, and make the appropriate selection.
  3.   For locking the existing selection of a component: Right-click a particular SAR ADC position—say, SAR0—and click Lock to F(SAR,0).
  4.   The display table on the right side also has a description of the components, muxes, pins, and nets. Locking can also be done by checking the corresponding Locked check box. The locked components have a small lock symbol at the top of the component.

Figures 3–5 depict the procedure explained here.

Figure 3. Relocating an Existing Selection of the Component


Figure 4. Lock-Down Feature in the Analog Device Editor


Figure 5. The Lock Symbol at the Top Left of SAR0

Lock Symbol