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Comparison of Iccdr Between Cy7C109 and CY7C109BN

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Comparison of Iccdr Between Cy7C109 and CY7C109BN

Translation - Japanese: CY7C109とCY7C109BNのIccdr(データ保持電流) の比較 - Community Translated (JA)

Question: Why is Iccdr(Data Retention Current ) higher in the CY7C109BN in comparison to the CY7C109?


The CY7C109 was manufactured using our 0.35 micron technology. The CY7C109BN is manufactured using the 0.25 micronTechnology. Because of the change in technology and since the internal voltage of the 0.25 micron technology being less, the data retention current for the CY7C109BN has gone up to 150uA from 50uA for the CY7C109.

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