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CapSense® Tuner: “invalid data received from the device” - KBA219198

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CapSense® Tuner: “invalid data received from the device” - KBA219198

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Translation - Japanese: CapSense® Tuner エラーメッセージ「invalid data received from the device」について - KBA219198 - Community Translat...


Why does the CapSense Tuner application in PSoC® Creator™ display a “invalid data received from the device” message?


If you run the Tuner application, you may get the “invalid data received from the device” message as shown below.


This error message is displayed if the Tuner application communication is getting interrupted. This may happen because of the following reasons:

  1. You put the device into deep sleep mode without handling the EZI2C Component correctly. You should ensure that EZI2C is not busy before the device enters deep sleep mode; otherwise the Tuner application receives unexpected data at wakeup and displays the "Incorrect data" warning as shown above.
  2. The Tuner application cannot work if a scan is not performed continuously. The Tuner application displays a communication error message if the scan is not done continuously. Therefore, the Tuner application needs to be located in an infinite loop unconditionally.
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