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CYW20719 Software Architecture

CYW20719 Software Architecture

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The block diagram in Figure 1 shows the software architecture of the Bluetooth/BLE components and protocol layers, the partitioning of the components across ROM, and RAM/OCF (On-Chip Flash).

The CYW20719 ROM firmware runs on a real-time operating system and handles the programming and configuration of all on-chip hardware functions. This includes the BT/LE baseband, LM, HCI, GATT, ATT, L2CAP, and SDP layers. The ROM includes drivers for on-chip peripherals. In addition, the ROM includes on-chip power management functions including transitions between different power modes.

The application code runs in its own thread context from RAM or OCF and accesses the Bluetooth/BLE components via WICED BT APIs. The application code accesses the OS and peripheral drivers via WICED APIs. For a complete list of the supported APIs, see https://cypresssemiconductorco.github.io/btsdk-docs/BT-SDK/20719-B2_Bluetooth/API/index.html

For a complete list of sample applications, see the https://github.com/cypresssemiconductorco/Code-Examples-BT-SDK-for-ModusToolbox

CYW20719 implements support for building an application to execute in-place (XIP) from OCF. This XIP feature is helpful for applications with large code size and limited RAM constraints. By placing the application and the profile library code in flash, the application can save RAM to that extent. The .text (code) section and rodata (read-only data) section from the application and the profile libraries execute from the OCF. The remaining sections get loaded to SRAM. Patches will be executed from patch RAM.

Executing the code from FLASH will have an impact on the speed and power. So, time critical functionality should not be included in the XIP section.

For more details on the XIP feature, see the CYW20719 – XIP Support User Guide.

ModusToolbox provides an over-the-air firmware upgrade feature for CYW20719. For complete details see OTA Firmware Upgrade documentation


Figure 1: Software Architecture