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CY9266 Evaluation Board documentation

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CY9266 Evaluation Board documentation

Question: 1)How do I test the CY9266 evaluation board? 2)What types of evaluation boards are available for testing the CY7B923/CY7B933? 3)How do I setup BIST on the CY9266 evaluation board?



The CY9266 evaluation board was provided to allow the user to fully characterize the CY7B923/CY7B933 transmitter and receiver.  It was available in four 'flavors':

  CY9266-F = optical fiber
  CY9266-P = plastic optical fiber
  CY9266-T = shielded twisted pair/twinax
  CY9266-C = coaxial cable

The  CY9266 HOTLink Evaluation Board User's Guide is the complete guide to setting up and testing the various evaluation boards.  It also includes schematics and layout information for reference.

Since the Evaluation Board is Obsolete. If customer wants to design the evaluation board, they can use the gerber files attached with this KB Article for CY9266-F & CY9266-C. Gerber files for CY9266-T & CY9266-F are not available. However, if you check the schematic for all the evaluation board, only difference in all the evaluation board is the connector used for various medium.

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