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CY4500 FAQS - KBA225686

CY4500 FAQS - KBA225686

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Author: HirotakaT_91          Version: *A

Translation - Japanese:

Question: Does CY4500 have VBUS-to-CC short protection?

Answer: There is no VBUS-to-CC short protection. Do not move the connector while cables are connected to avoid short between VBUS and CC lines.

Question: What are Cypress recommendations on how to connect CY4500 and Type-C devices?

Answer: To avoid any problems due to noise, Cypress recommends that you comply with the following procedure:

  1. Power on devices that will be connected to the CY4500 Type-C plug or receptacle.
  2. Connect CY4500 and a host computer with a USB micro-B cable to supply power.
  3. Connect the Type-C cable between CY4500 and Type-C devices.

Question: What does “Reserved” on Data Role field mean?


Answer: As per the USB Power Delivery (PD) Specification, the ‘Data Role’ field shall only be defined for SOP Packets. The Data Role field in case of SOP_PRIME packets is set as “Reserved”. The USB PD Specification mentions that “Reserved” is a keyword indicating reserved bits, bytes, words, fields, and code values that are set aside for future standardization.

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