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CY3650 Setup

CY3650 Setup

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CY3650 Setup

Question: What are the step-by-step instructions to run firmware on CY3650?



For detailed information on how to use the CY3650 development kit, please refer to the CY3650 User's Guide. Here're some quick instructions to get the firmware run on the development kit:

  1.   Power the board
  2.   Connect the RS232 cable from the computer to the board.
  3.   Open the Cypress M8 Monitor software. Go to Communications/Comm Port and make sure the RS232 is connected to the right COM port.
  4.   Set the S1 and S3 switch settings as follows. On some boards we have "Open" or "Close" labels for the switches, but others may show "Off" or "On". 

                    S1 settings:


                              Position 1: Off (or Open)- Enable USB Bus Reset
                              Positions 2,3,4,5: On (or Closed)- Disable WatchDog Reset, Cext,..
                              Position 6,7,8: Off (or Open)- Default
                     S2 settings:                       


                              Positions 1,2: Off (or Open)- Program RAM and Run on Reset
                              Positions 3 to 8: On (or Closed)- Default

  5.   From the M8 Monitor, click on "Dnld Object", and browse to your .rom file. You should see the file being downloaded onto the board now.
  6.   Hit the Red button on the board to reset the board. This step is IMPORTANT!!! Do not forget.
  7.   Plug the USB cable from the computer to the board.
  8.   Go to My Computer/Device Manager. If your firmware works, your device should be shown here.