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CY3640 USB Starter Kit

CY3640 USB Starter Kit

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Question: What is the CY3640 USB Starter Kit? What is included in the CY3640 USB Starter Kit?



The CY3640 USB Starter Kit was designed to serve as an easily customizable platform for USB device development using Cypress' CY7C630xx/631xx USB controllers. This kit is no longer available.

The contents of the CY3640 Development kit are listed below.


  •   Three CY7C63001 Cypress USB Controller devices (One pre-programmed windowed
      controller on the CY3640 USB Thermometer Demo board, and two spare devices (one
      windowed and one OTP)
  •   One Cypress USB Programmer from HI-LO Systems with a wall power adapter, a serial cable
      and programming software on a floppy disk
  •   One CY3640 USB Starter Kit printed circuit board
  •   One low-speed unshielded USB "A to B" Cable
  •   One Cypress USB Starter Kit CD-ROM


  •   CYASM: Cypress USB controller assembler
  •   USB Thermometer device assembly source code
  •   USB Thermometer Windows application program executable code
  •   USB Thermometer device driver

Soft Documentation:

  •   Cypress USB controller family datasheets
  •   USB Thermometer User's Guide and Application Note: Designing a USB Thermometer with the CY7C63001 USB Controller
  •   USB Thermometer PC board layout and schematics
  •   USB Specification v1.0
  •   Cypress CYASM assembler manual
  •   Cypress USB-related application notes
  •   Cypress databook

Printed documentation:

  •   USB Starter Kit User's Guide
  •   USB Starter Kit Application Note
  •   Registration card