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Build failure with legacy BTSDK project in ModusToolbox™ 2.4 - KBA234113

Build failure with legacy BTSDK project in ModusToolbox™ 2.4 - KBA234113

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Why does my legacy BTSDK project (version 2.7.1 or older) fail to build in ModusToolbox™ 2.4?

There have been changes with the build system in more recent versions of the software that affect older projects. You may see errors like the following:

COMPONENT_fw_upgrade_lib/ota_fw_upgrade_common.c: In function 'wiced_ota_fw_upgrade_init':
<command-line>: error: 'DLConfigSSLocation' undeclared (first use in this function)
COMPONENT_fw_upgrade_lib/ota_fw_upgrade_common.c:204:26: note: in expansion of macro 'SS_LOCATION'
  204 |     nv_loc_len.ss_loc  = SS_LOCATION;
      |                          ^~~~~~~~~~~
<command-line>: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in


  1. Identify the location of the current BSP:
    1. Open the modus-shell terminal and navigate to the application folder.
    2. Run the following:
      make get_app_info | grep 'SHAREDLIBS='
    3. Look for the following output with the path relative to the application folder. For example:

      That is the location of the active BSP.

  2. Navigate to the folder discovered in step 1c.

  3. Edit the BSP Makefile. This file is located in the BSP folder and named after the BSP name. For example:  <bsp_name>.mk

  4. Search in the file for the comment line:

    # split up btp file into "x=y" text

  5. Place the following lines immediately above that comment line:


  6. Save the file and retry to build the project.

The legacy project should build successfully in the ModusToolbox™ 2.4 environment.