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AutoStore Operation in nvSRAM Devices - KBA232809

AutoStore Operation in nvSRAM Devices - KBA232809

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Community Translation: nvSRAMデバイスのAutoStore動作 – KBA232809

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Question: Is there a potential for the AUTOSTORE cycle to be interrupted if a brownout occurs between 25 ns – 8 ms and will a potential data loss occur?


AutoStore operation will be uninterrupted if the power provided by the AutoStore capacitor connected to the VCAP pin matches the datasheet specifications; hence there is no potential for data loss. For details about nvsRAM features, refer to the specific device datasheet.

The device will complete the ongoing AutoStore cycle and initiate power-up RECALL process even if it is interrupted by power-up cycle. When the voltage on the VCC pin drops below VSWITCH during power-down, the device automatically performs AutoStore operation using the voltage from the VCAP capacitor. Note that the AutoStore operation is initiated only if a Write operation has been performed since the last STORE operation (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. AutoStore or Power-Up Recall