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AURIX™ MCU: TC3xx EVADC Converter Diagnostics – KBA236209

AURIX™ MCU: TC3xx EVADC Converter Diagnostics – KBA236209

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Community Translation: オーリックス™・マイクロコントローラ: TC3xx EVADC コンバータ診断 – KBA236209

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The TC3xx EVADC (Enhanced Versatile Analog-to-Digital Converter) provides multiple test methods. The converter diagnostics feature validates the ADC block itself. It applies a known internal voltage to the converter (either in addition to or without the original user input voltage). You can then check if the conversion result matches the expected value.

To avoid potential short-circuit current between the internal voltage and the input voltage from the user, you must disconnect the user input voltage during the converter diagnostic process using software. See the “Converter Diagnostics” section of the User’s manual for more information.

A configuration example (you can have different settings) is listed as follows to test the EVADC Group 0 converter:

  1. VDDM (ADC analog supply voltage) selected as test input voltage.
  2. Test conversion is conducted through Channel 1 of Group 0.
  3. Queued Request Source Q2 of Group 0 is used to trigger this test conversion.

The pseudo code may look like the following. This code example enables the diagnostic one time.

Code Listing 1       Code example

//according to data sheet, at least 1.1µs sampling time is required for Converter Diagnostic
//adjust your sampling duration (defined by STCS) based on concrete fADCI (converter reference clock) frequency. Below STCS value is just an example

//enable Group 0 for diagnostic

//redirect Group 0 Channel 1 to non-existent Channel 24 to disconnect user input voltage
EVADC_G0ALIAS.B.ALIAS1 = 24;                  

//bit 12 enables Converter Diagnostic for this conversion
//trigger conversion with Converter Diagnostic using Q2. Bits 14 and 13 select test voltage (00B = VDDM)
//bit 0 selects the channel to be converted
EVADC_G0QINR2.U = (0 << 14) | (0 << 13) | (1 << 12) | 1;

//when conversion is finished, user will check if result is as expected


If more tests are planned, you can globally enable diagnostic features in the GLOBTF register.

For more details, see the “Configuration of Test Functions” and “Securing the Test Functions” sections of the the User’s manual.

Note: This KBA applies to the following series of AURIX™ MCUs:

  • AURIX™ TC3xx series