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AURIX™ MCU: Inject faults in PFLASH - KBA234444

AURIX™ MCU: Inject faults in PFLASH - KBA234444

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Community Translation: AURIX™ MCU: PFLASHにフォルトを注入する – KBA234444

Question: How to inject faults in PFLASH of AURIX TC2xx MCU?

Answer: To inject faults in PFLASH (Program Flash Memory) follow the below steps:

  1. The ECC code causing the required error type (e.g. triple-bit error) can be determined by first programming the data with automatic ECC generation ON.
  2. Read this programmed data to find the corresponding ECC code in ECCRPp.RCODE.
  3. Switch OFF automatic ECC generation: ECCW.PECENCDIS = 1.
  4. Write the value of ECC code (obtained in step 2- in ECCRPp.RCODE) into ECCW.WCODE.
  5. Generate the bit errors in the data to program by setting additional bit(s) in the read data.
  6. Reprogram the page with this data.

For details, please see the “Program Memory Unit (PMU) sections of the user’s manual.

Note: This KBA applies to the following series of AURIX MCUs:

  • AURIX TC2xx series