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AURIX™ MCU: How to identify a trap using iLLDs - KBA235853

AURIX™ MCU: How to identify a trap using iLLDs - KBA235853

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When a trap occurs, a trap identifier is generated by the hardware. The trap identifier has two components: Trap Class Number (TCN) and Trap Identification Number (TIN), that is used to gather information about the trap and its cause.

In Infineon Low Level Drivers (iLLD), an instance of the structure IfxCpu_Trap is declared within each trap handler. When a trap occurs, the instance provides four information fields about the trap:

  • tCpu: CPU that causes the trap
  • tClass: TCN, Class of the trap
  • tId: TIN, ID of the trap
  • tAddr: Return address (RA)

With the information contained in the tClass and tId fields, the trap can be identified from the following table:


Refer to the TriCore™ TC1.6.2 core architecture manual and the AURIX™ TC3xx User’s Manual for detailed information about each trap.