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AURIX™ MCU: Enable and test lockstep function – KBA234797

AURIX™ MCU: Enable and test lockstep function – KBA234797

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AURIX™ MCU: Enable and test lockstep function – KBA234797

Community Translation: AURIX™ MCU: ロックステップ機能を有効にし、テストする – KBA234797

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Follow these steps to enable and test the lockstep function in AURIX™ MCU (for this KBA, TC265 is considered):


The Startup Software (SSW) performs the Lockstep configuration only upon cold power-on, as follows:

  • If a valid Boot Mode Index (BMI) found during start-up mode evaluation
  • Lockstep control for CPU1 is installed in LSEN bitfield of the control register (LCLCON1) from LCL1LSEN bitfield of the BMI register.
  1. Enable the lockstep function using the LSEN bitfield of the LCLCON1 register in the System Control Unit (SCU), SCU_LCLCON1.LSEN=enabled
  2. Inject a lockstep fault in the LCLT0/LCLT1 bitfield of the LCLTEST register, SCU_LCLTEST.U32 = 0x02.

Note: In TC265, only core 1 has checker core.

The core1 lockstep fault is injected and there is a Safety Management Unit (SMU) fault of group1 index0.

  1. Read out the related alarm (SMU_AG[1].SF0=1) immediately.
  2. Wait for 5 µs.
  3. Read out the alarm successfully. During step 4, SMU State Machine (SMU.SSM) changes from RUN to FAULT. SMU_AG[1] is saved as SMU_AD[1].

See the “System Control Unit (SCU)" and “Safety Management Unit (SMU)” sections of the User’s manual for more information.


This KBA applies to the following series of AURIX™ MCUs:

  • AURIX™ TC2xx series
  • AURIX™ TC3xx series