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AURIX™ MCU: DAS features – KBA235010

AURIX™ MCU: DAS features – KBA235010

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Community Translation: AURIX™ MCU: DAS機能 – KBA235010

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Infineon® Device Access Server (DAS) is an abstraction layer software between any third-party debugger and the target system, used in application modes such as debugging, tracing, calibration, and measurement.

The DAS was designed for multi-device multi-core systems with emulation requirements, and to provide a single interface for all types of tools, and to fulfil all performance and reliability needs.

The tool interface is at the  software level (DAS API) and implemented in a generic dynamic-link library (DLL). The abstraction of the physical device connection becomes a parameter value in the connection setup phase. During operation, the physical connection (for example, JTAG for a real device or directly for C-models) is fully transparent for the tool. On the DAS API level, the physical device connection is represented by address-based accesses (DAS transaction lists) and prioritized, stream-based data exchange (DAS channels).

DAS can be downloaded as a standalone tool or as a component of other tools. For example, Memtool from the Infineon website.

Install the latest version of DAS to ensure its compatibility to the computer OS. For more information about the DAS, see www.infineon.com/DAS.


 This KBA applies to the following series of AURIX™ MCUs:

  • AURIX™ TC2xx series
  • AURIX™ TC3xx series